Our Participants

Blog Action Day will be held on October 16, 2014. So far 1608 participants from 116 countries that have registered to take part.

Registered participants get access to exclusive content and opportunities from our partners, that will help you develop your Blog Action Day post and connect with others in the Blog Action Day community. Register to take part in Blog Action Day here.

Not not all of our bloggers wanted to be publicly listed, if you think your blog should or shouldn’t be on the list then please contact us.

Last updated 16 October, 2014

The lawyers make us say this:

Blog Action Day is staffed by volunteers exercise NO editorial control over content posted by participants on their own websites. Content may appear automatically on Blog Action Day properties via XML technology like RSS feeds or public submissions on our social media pages. Due to the volume of such content, Blog Action Day does not endorse said content, but will make a reasonable effort to remove offensive content. Offensive content includes posts or comments that discriminate, incites violence or hate against an individual or group of people, or is against the law in the country where the blog is hosted. Blog Action Day reserves the right to not to accept a registration or too remove a blogsite from our participant list. If you are concerned about a blog listed contact us

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